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Plane trees

Plane trees
in skyline.

beech leaves

beech leaves.

pond leaves

pond leaves.

pond leaves

various leaves in the
pond at fountain court

Russell Hotel

Plane trees beside
the Russell Hotel.

plane twigs

Plane trees
in the skyline.

Trees of London


Things to look for:

              The summer is the best time to identify trees, as they are all in leaf, and looking at their leaves is the single best means of distinguishing between one tree and another. In July, most trees have fruit which is beginning to ripen, some is already ripe. The time to admire those which flower has long since past.


              Of those trees that flower in the conventional way by which we mean the term: something with pettles, like a rose, nothing but a few wilting pettles remain on some hawthorn trees. However, there are trees which flower in the form of catkins like the alder and the birch, and these are still on display alongside their fruit, cones.

The silhouette:

              The silhouette is best admired in the winter when trees are bare of their leaves and the elongated shapes of branches can best be seen. In summer, though, it is possible to see the round, mushroom, shape of oak trees and compare this with long, tall trees, like the Lombardy poplar.


              Not all plum trees produce fruit, but for those that do, the plums are ripe and ready to eat now. Sometimes plums can be seen on the pavement below the trees, having dropped off. For most other trees, their fruit is ripening.


              Take advantage of the summer to admire and note the shape of leaves. This is the time of year to do so.


              There are so many aids to tree identification in the summer, but still note the bark. It is the tree identifier's ever present friend.

tulip trees

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